More Clean and Green Projects for Thunder Bay in 2010

When Thunder Bay mayor, Lynn Peterson, took the time to look back to the year 2009, she happily recognizes it as the year when infrastructural development got its spark back thanks to a long list of construction projects that had been announced, started, and or completed during the year. She also added that the next year would mean more clean and green projects for the city and that she aims to make Thunder Bay an even more diverse city all in all.

Among the many infrastructure projects mentioned by Mayor Peterson include the completion of Thunder Bay’s Protective and Emergency Services Training Centre, the City Hall, the new city land fill, and the Margaret Smith building, the waterfront development project, the joining of the Centre for Excellence for Senior Services and the courthouse just to name a few.

These are just some of the words from Thunder Bay’s very own mayor and judging by the optimism in these words, everyone in the community will surely be up for another great year for 2010 amidst these challenging times.

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