Happy New Year 2010 Thunder Bay!

A new year and a new decade is upon us at last! We hope that everyone in Thunder Bay had a blast welcoming 2010 and that we can now start to forget about the challenges that have marked the previous year to give way to a guaranteed more eventful year especially with the upcoming Winter Olympics drawing right at our doorsteps.

After all the New Year’s party hang-over is done, after we have continued our annual traditions and superstitions to welcome the New Year, it is once again time to contemplate on all the great things that is in store for Thunder Bay for the coming year.

To start with, the Olympic torch will be passing by on Thunder Bay tomorrow and it would be best to show the world what our city is all about by showing our support the best way we can.

Again, Happy New Year Thunder Bay and let’s all show some Canadian love in the passing of the Olympic Torch tomorrow!

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