Thunder Bay Waiting for X-Ray Scanners

While cities all over Canada are making a mad rush to install body scanners in their respective airports, things in the City of Thunder Bay are a little different, as officials have yet to receive word if the city’s airport will get one as well.

According to John Baird, Canada’s transportation minister, all major airports in the country are set to have X-ray scanners installed before March ends. Another 36 scanners will also be distributed after that period. However, Scott McFaden, current president of the Thunder Bay International Airport, says that he has received no updates or news on whether or not Thunder Baby would be one of those 36 airports.

In spite of the fact that there’s so far been no communication between Thunder Bay’s local airport officials and Transportation Canada, it’s still too early to tell if Thunder Bay airport won’t receive an X-ray scanner. After all, March is still a number of weeks away.

And if Thunder Bay’s airport has one installed, it would mean a lot of adjustments and work for the facility’s staff. Furthermore, travelers will also have to get used to the airport’s new restrictions that coincide with the X-ray scanner’s installation.

Transportation Canada’s campaign to install scanners and other security devices all over Canada’s airports were in response to the foiled terrorist plot aboard a Northwest Airlines plane in Detroit. A Nigerian nation with alleged links to terrorist group Al-Qaeda was apprehended.

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