Thunder Bay Golf to be Discussed in Meeting

After taking a good 3-week break to rest for the holidays, Thunder Bay’s city council is scheduled to hold its first meeting for the New Year, taking place on Monday night next week.

One of the main issues expected by many to be discussed during the meeting is the performance of the city’s golfing services last year. Thunder Bay’s director of golf services has been openly vocal about his desire for the council to pass a resolution to implement a new scheme to run golf services in the city.

If director Tom Forsythe has his way, the current breakeven model for the city’s golf services will be replaced by a tax-based model. Forsythe points out that the golf services in the city have come close to a break even point in the past. However, last year’s economic crisis has caused the deficits to balloon, which has lead officials to consider shutting down Thunder Bay’s golf services for good.

Forsythe believes a tax-supported scheme is the only way city golf can be self sustaining.

Aside from his proposal, other city officials are recommending to add $316,000 to the 2010 budget to be used for golf operation costs as well as for equipment upgrades.

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