New Outdoor Rink for Thunder Bay School

Despite the lack of an outdoor ice rink to practice on, the Thunder Bay Christian School has arguably produced more hockey players who’ve gone on to go pro at the NHL than most other communities in all of Canada.

That void was certainly filled yesterday, as a new outdoor rink opened for the first time thanks to four kind alumni siblings who donated supplies for its construction. Over 100 students flocked to the rink to test the ice, with many marveling at the new rink that’s estimated to have cost around $40,000 to build.

Indeed, it was a sight to behold, with many skating confidently around the rink, while first-timers took their time to get their balance right.

For Julia Himanen, a 12-year old 7th Grade student at the school, the long wait was well worth it. Apparently she and her classmates would watch workers construct the rink for hours, anxiously waiting for its completion.

When that day finally came, her classmates—even her teachers—rushed to the ice in excitement.

The great news is that the outdoor rink isn’t just exclusive to the students; the school will also be accepting bookings from local groups and community members.

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