Thunder Bay’s Habitat for Humanity Needs Push

Habitat for Humanity is in a major bind this year, and needs one last push to make it to its goal.

The charitable group, which has provided help to the community by constructing homes for less fortunate families in the City of Thunder Bay, as well as other parts around the globe, is short of its goal of selling 12,000 tickets for its yearly $100,000 cash lottery fundraiser. This development has caused some worry for Habitat for Humanity’s regional CEO.

According to Diane Mitchell, they still have to break even. If they can’t make the 12,000-ticket goal, then the number of houses they can build this year will also be affected. The need to build homes has never been more important than now, she added. She points out that Thunder Bay has a long waiting list of families that needs homes from Habitat for Humanity.

But as other charitable groups in Thunder Bay have learned, the city’s residents have a tendency of pitching in at the last minute. Mitchell hopes that the same thing happens for her organization’s cause

If you want to help them out, you can score your tickets at Habitat for Humanity’s head office for only $20 apiece.

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