Thunder Bay Restaurant Organizes Send-off Party for Residents Headed to Vancouver

With the Olympic fever in the air, one Thunder Bay restaurant organized a great send-off for the community’s residents who are headed to Vancouver in a few days.

Thunder Bay McDonald’s, located along Arthur Street, set up a send-off party complete with friends, family, cake, and music from a DJ. All this was an idea of Kathy Bukovey, who works with the local McDonald’s public relation team in Thunder Bay. Bukovey is also one of only 14 McDonald’s workers from all across Canada, who will be sent to Vancouver to represent the company.

According to her, she organized the party so that all of those in Thunder Bay heading to Vancouver for the games can have a place to have fun and celebrate before leaving the city. She found out only 2 weeks ago that she would serve as a hospitality ambassador in Vancouver’s downtown district.

She thought it would be a terrific idea to hold a party not just to celebrate her achievement, but for everyone else headed to Vancouver as well.

Talk about unselfish eh?

For Thunder Bay transit operator Stephen Kusznier, he can’t wait to be part of a huge gathering of nationalities from all over the world. He will be one of 13 local bus drivers shuttling people to and from events in Vancouver.

The 2010 Winter Olympics will be held in Vancouver from February 12 to 18. For details and information on the event, logon to

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