New Law For Drivers Who Use their Cell Phones When Driving

If you’ve caught yourself using a cell phone—sending a text message or calling—while driving on the road on more than one occasion, then you might want to be more wary of doing it again, as a new and heavier fine will be given to violators caught by Thunder Bay’s Police Force.

According to Sgt. Glenn Porter, the time for discussion when it comes to using a cell phone when driving is over. After hearing the experts debate on whether using a cell phone when driving is safe or not, Ontario’s legislators have passed a new law. Now it’s time for enforcement, Porter said.

Starting on the 1st of February, violators caught using their cell phones when on the road will be fine a $125 penalty.

Back then, all police did was warn drivers about the hazards of using a cell phone when driving. Porter said the force didn’t keep track, but he guessed the warnings given out must have numbered in the hundreds.

Porter added that the new law should have been implemented a long time ago. With the number of drivers getting into collisions due to being distracted with their phones and handhelds, it’s amazing how long Ontario on the problem, he said.

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