Thunder Bay Council Discusses Police Matters

Thunder Bay’s Police Service has their hands full this year, with more and more reports of substance abuse coming in from concerned residents. Police Chief Bob Herman spoke before council on Monday night detailing police issues in the City of Thunder Bay. He reported that 2608 intoxicated people were arrested in the city – a very high number consider Sudbury only apprehended 279 people. The chief pointed that indeed, the city has a substance abuse problem. And because the city only has 7 detox beds, many of those arrested are being locked up in jail, when in fact, they shouldn’t.

According to Chief Herman, this is a health issue. Police shouldn’t be locking up these individuals; they should treated by medical personnel. He notes that the city needs to address this problem with a new program and proper funding.

Another issue that’s causing problems for Thunder Bay’s Police Service is the number of non-police calls complaints they’re receiving. He said that over 25 percent of the calls the service gets having something to do with matters like a neighbor with a barking dog, or something of that sort.

Chief Herman also reasoned out why he’s against the reduction of the police service, saying that every officer is crucial, especially with the workload they have.

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