Elderly Couple to Hike Around Lake Superior

Anyone in the Thunder Bay area who’s been to Lake Superior will most likely agree that it’s a majestic sight. But two grandparents from the United States want to take that experience even further, this time by hiking around the whole shoreline of Lake Superior on the 29th of April.

64-year old Mike Link, and his 60-year old wife, Kate Crowley, plan to walk around the Great Lake on April. They estimate the whole journey to last around 5 months. If you’re wondering why, the American couple is doing this in hopes of raising awareness on the fragility of this majestic fresh water lake, the 3rd largest in the world by volume. According to them, it would be a shame if their grandchildren miss out on Lake Superior’s beauty.

Link pointed out that since Lake Superior is so huge, people forget how fragile it is. More people need to know about how to preserve this body of water for the future, he added.

The 2800-mile journey is expected by the couple to take around 5 months. Link says he wants to take things slow and not rush, seeing as how the weather in the area is known be a bit unstable.

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