It’s a Warm Start for Thunder Bay this Month

Good news for those who’ve had it with the bitter cold here in the City of Thunder Bay. The first day of March, Monday, was an unusually warm one, and it looks like it’s going to last until the end of week, possibly even until the end of the month.

Environment Canada announced that residents in Thunder Bay are going to experience temperatures reaching a high of 8 Celsius on Friday this week. The cause behind this, you might ask? Well according to Environment Canada meteorologist Geoff Coulson, this wave of warmth is caused by masses of warmer air coming from the Southern United States, which recently moved into the region.

March, he added, is usually a transition period. Depending on a combination of several factors, temperatures could rise to a warm autumn-like feel, or plunge into even bitter and colder conditions.

The warm air from the southern US will be winning the temperature battle most likely until next week, Coulson said. But you never know how things will turn out, especially with the unpredictable weather these days, he added. It’s worth noting that the normal high during this time of the year is -2 C. This week’s highs are going to range from between 2 C to 8 C.

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