Thunder Bay Celebrates a Day of Pink

In an effort to raise awareness on the widespread problem of homophobia and bullying in today’s society, a group of high school students from the City of Thunder Bay are taking a stand, using the color pink to highlight these problems and to cast light on its causes on many students, not just here in the city, but all over the world.

Together with Thunder Bay City Councilor Rebecca Johnson, Superior Collegiate students dressed in pink shirts, and whatever else that’s pink they could find, in celebration of the national “Day of Pink.” This annual campaign is focused at supporting racial and cultural diversities in schools, and confronting stereotypes.

Both Johnson and the students hope that the movement creates a healthy and nurturing environment for students of all backgrounds and sexual orientations here in the city. The goal is to make them feel comfortable in their own skin, instead of trying to change them to conform to what society thinks is right.

The national “Day of Pink” is currently on its 3rd year here in Thunder Bay, and those who took part in the event attended workshops last week that were built to create strong support communities in the city. Fashionistas also held a pink jewelry sale.

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