Pets in Thunder Bay Get Microchip Implants

Pet owners worried about losing their furry friends were presented with an effective solution last weekend. The Thunder Bay and District Humane Society held its yearly Chip-a-thon on Saturday, drawing in over 30 pet owners from all across the city who had their pets implanted with a very small microchip.

The dot-sized chip carries personal information about the pet’s owner, helping them locate the animal easier in the occasion that they get lost. The only way the data on the chip can be read is through a special scanner used to pass over the cat or dog’s back, where the chip is injected.
The humane society normally offers the chip for $50 to $60, but for the annual event, sold it for only $35, with a percentage of the proceeds going to the humane society’s funds.

Thunder Bay and District Humane Society volunteer Sue Saretsky comments that the chip is much more convenient than regular pet licenses because the society can easily scan the dog or cat to know their name and who they belong to. She observed that more and more people are having their animals implanted with chips as the years go by.

The process of implanting the microchip is very safe and well tested, she said. The animals just yelp a bit, but after a scratch and a treat, they’ll forget it ever happened.

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