Riding for Cancer

Bikers on big bikes have always been kind of intimidating to say the least, but for a group of motorcyclists here in the City of Thunder Bay, intidimating people is the last thing on their minds.

The bikers will be hosting an event called ‘Ride for Dad’, a campaign aimed at raising awareness on the debilitating effects of prostate cancer and the importance of its early detections. The motorcycle fundraiser was recently announced this week, and is set to take place on the 19th of June. Three bike groups in the city are stepping up to the plate, and have pledged to bring with them as many people as they can to the event.

Organizers expect more than 250 riders to join the event, but according to Tere Mcdonald, chairman of the Bell Motorcycle Ride for Dad, the number of people expected to turn up at the event will largely depend on the weather.

Nevertheless, he’s counting on the camarederie of the riders to make the fundraiser successful. McdDonald points out that riders always stick together, travelling through highways in groups of 5 or more people. The event aims to draw in these individuals to support a very important cause, most especially to men.

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