Thunder Bay Youth Centre Helps Youths Find Summer Jobs

With summer just around the corner, it’s time once again for kids and the youth to do something productive to kill the time. For years, summer has always been an opportunity for teens and youngsters to make a few bucks, and this year’s summer season in Thunder Bay seems to be no different.

The Thunder Bay center, which is tasked to help the youth find job openings among the host of business in the city, is officially open for business and ready for summer.

Also helping youngsters in Thunder Bay find jobs is the Service Canada Centre for Youth, which opened shop for the coming summer last Thursday. The youth centre is open from May until August, and is aimed at assisting local youths in making their resumes and application. The centre also coaches them on how to conduct themselves in a job interview.

Aside from keeping a list of summer jobs for the youth, the centre also keeps track of employment opportunities for students who want to work on weekends when classes are ongoing. The centre believes that forming a strong employment foundation while an individual is young can help him, or her, find better career opportunities in the future.

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