Thunder Bay Student Gets Prestigious Scholarship

When Tim Rappon started performing science experiments in the 5th Grade, little did he know that it would only take a few years for his curiosity to land him some major bucks. The Thunder Bay student was recently paid $4,000 for his work.

Rappon, a Grade 12 student at Hammarskjold High School, had the honor of being one of the two recipients of the Ross A. Wilson Scholarship this year. He was also one of the thirteen students in Thunder Bay chosen to receive a scholarship from the Thunder Bay Community Foundation.

Rappon is currently on his way to the University of Western Ontario after the summer break. He’ll be doing some careful thinking until then, mainly because he’s undecided on which field of science he’ll be specializing in.

He says that his first year at university will be about getting a feel on what he should do. After a year’s experience, he hopes to be pointed in the right direction.

For Rappon, his experiments in science never felt like work. Instead, he had fun conducting them which also satisfied his curiosity. As he heads to university, he says that the scholarship will definitely help him in charting out a career path and reaching his dreams.

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