Thunder Bay Sponsors Kite-flying Festival

Kite-flying enthusiasts had the time of their lives at the 30th outdoor kite festival on Sunday at Chippewa Park.

The event, which kicked off at noon, ending at 4 in the afternoon, drew in hundreds of families and people of all ages who came to both watch and fly their own kits that came in all kinds of designs, colors, and sizes. Sponsored by the City of Thunder Bay, the festival’s participants and visitors got to go to and from the venue via a free shuttle service, courtesy of none other than the city itself.

Those who attended the festival were left spellbound by the huge kites flown by kite flyers coming from Kitchener, Toronto, and New York. For Thom Shanken, flying kites is a hobby he’s enjoyed since he was a kid. The Waterloo, NW, native was present at last year’s festival, and joined the fun once more this year. He holds the festival in high regard, and says that kiting in Canada is definitely better than in the States. The support is stronger, and the community is larger and more active, he adds.

The 30th outdoor kite festival was undeniably a smashing success, and those in attendance can’t wait for what the following year has in store for them.

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