Musicians Getting Ready to Duke it out at Summer in the Parks

Of the many cities that have tried, Thunder Bay is one of the handful that manages to pull it off, this according to musician Mark Potvin. The blues guitarist was talking about Thunder Bay’s Summer in the Parks program, which gathers 23 of the most notable musicians of the region, showcasing their talent through performances spread out in an 8-week concert series, kicking off on the 23rd of June at the Marina Park.

According to Potvin, the event is a great way for people to know about the city’s numerous artists and musicians. And since Summer in the Parks is a free event, it invites people from all different walks of life who have varying tastes of music. And with 23 musicians waiting to show off their skills, the estimated audience of 4,000 people are sure to find something they’ll like, he added.

For musicians like Potvin, a crowd of 4000 people is a golden opportunity for them to share their music. He also considers this another stepping stone for the Thunder Bay music scene to get more exposure. Every time Potvin goes to Toronto, fellow musicians in the city always ask him what’s going on in Thunder Bay.

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