Thunder Bay Hospital Receives new MRI Device

This August managing, detecting, and more importantly treating breast cancer is set to get easier, thanks to a $185,000 MRI enhancement device set to be installed at the Regional Health Sciences Centre.

Called the Sentinelle Vanguard Breast MRI Coil, the device is already being used at some of the world’s most advanced medical treatment facilities, and its addition to Thunder Bay will definitely improve the quality of treatment for patients in Northwestern Ontario, this according to health officials and doctors from the hospital Thunder Bay Regional Research Institute.

Neety Panu, a radiologist in Thunder Bay, says that the addition of the new equipment, which was acquired thanks to a grant from the Thunder Bay Regional Hospital Foundation, will bolster the launching of the Regional Health Sciences Centre’s Linda Buchan Centre and turn it into a state-of-the-art breast-imaging centre.

For breast cancer patients, doctors will now be able to have a better look at the extent of the disease in a more detailed and comprehensive way. From Day 1, physicians can now chart the best possible path in treating the disease.

Panu says that the earlier breast cancer is treated, the higher the chances a patient has in fighting off the disease, and early detection is precisely what the device will help in accomplishing.

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