Thunder Bay Celebrates National Aboriginal Day

For Rebecca Taylor, the Aboriginal way of life was something she grew up with during her childhood. Having moved to the city since then, she’s worried that her daughter might miss out on an important facet of her heritage and culture.

The opportunity to immerse her young daughter in the culture presented itself through National Aboriginal Day, an occasion that drew in hundreds of participants for an afternoon of music, dance, and of course, good food. In fact, Taylor and her child were right smack in the middle of the festivities held at Chippewa Park.

Taylor says that since Thunder Bay is a relatively urbanized area, seeing activities on aboriginal culture is rare, making it important to see such activities whenever the opportunity presents itself. She adds that since she and her daughter’s father grew up in the culture, it only felt right to pass on their knowledge to their child.

For those of the First Nations, the summer solstice has long been a time for the people to gather, to celebrate knowledge, and to share their culture with others. Here in Thunder Bay, National Aboriginal Day began with a grand kickoff, with a celebration of music and traditional costumed dance that showcased the culture of the First Nations people.

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