Artist Works on Bringing Back Traditional Art into the Spotlight in Thunder Bay

With blockbuster films enjoying the most attention these days, one local painter hopes that her efforts will encourage people to be aware of other forms of art.

3 years ago, Linda Dell moved to her studio in Court Street so she could paint in peace. Her store is now adorned with paintings ranging from classics, to expressions depicting nature. Just this Saturday, Dell was part of the HandMade in Thunder Bay summer sampler tour, a program created to raise cultural awareness and encourage other artists and artisans to share their art and talents with the public, whether it be through galleries or demonstrations.

Dell adds that increasing cultural awareness in the City of Thunder Bay isn’t as hard as some people think – it just requires work from everyone in the community. When people are exposed to art, the better they can appreciate the works of others, both old and new.

It’s something Dell wants to work on, especially since these days, most people are limiting their scope to popular films, and don’t give much thought for the beauty of traditional art. She points out that in the old days, paintings and sculptures used to be at the center of culture and art, something that’s diminished due to the rise of films.

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