Thunder Bay Gets Ready for Canada Day

Although Canada Day here in the City of Thunder Bay will have a slightly different feel this year, organizers putting together numerous events here in the city promise it will still be packed with fun and action – lot’s of it in fact.

The year’s festivities in celebration of the country’s birth will not come with the traditional Water Street parade, and while that may be disappointing, there are plenty of other activities sure to keep the adults and kids interested and busy.

One the main stage at Marina Park for example, bands and musicians will be showcasing their music and skills to the public beginning at 5:30 in the afternoon to 11 in the evening. Some of the musicians set to take the stage include the Retro-Fits, Garrick Sissons, and Mood Indigo.

And as always, one of the attractions folks are expected to attend is the fireworks display, which in the past has drawn in an audience of over 20,000 people.

Water Street meanwhile, will play host to more bands and musicians, with the likes of Tracy K and Billy Manzik entertaining those in attendance.

With the 1st of July only a few days away, residents in Thunder Bay are buzzing with excitement at the chance to relax and have lots of fun.

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