Taiwanese Students Visit Thunder Bay Aviation School

For Ivan Lin, being a pilot was always a dream of his ever since he was a young child. According to Lin, aviation excites him—just setting his eyes on an aircraft apparently causes him to “feel” the aircraft, as if he were in the cockpit controlling it.

The chance to be one of the 12 students from Taiwan’s National Formosa University who visited Confederation College’s School of Aviation here in the City of Thunder Bay came as a golden opportunity for Lin to brush up on his aviation skills, and enjoy a bit of vacation time at the side. After all, Thunder Bay can a be a beautiful city, especially during the summer.

Lin gushed when he shared his experience here, saying that it was the best time he’s had since he’s been in the aeronautical engineering department. He said that while National Formosa University’s aviation department is world class, their curriculum revolves more around theory, and less on hands-on projects.

The Thunder Bay college on the other hand, allowed Lin and his fellow students to pick up a new set of valuable skills, including knowledge on new aircraft operating methods.

In addition, Lin and his fellow students also got to improve their English skills as they attended ESL classes throughout their stay.

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