Authorities Searching for Wandering Bear

Authorities have found a juvenile bear with its head stuck in a large plastic jar, restricting its movements and making it impossible for the bear to eat and drink. The animal was spotted on an island near the City of Thunder Bay.

So far, the bear has eluded capture, with Ontario’s Ministry of Natural Resources having no luck in catching the animal since Tuesday night.

Rob Paterson, a resident of Lambert Island, got a picture of the bear as it visited his summer home on the island. He apparently tried to isolate the animal himself, but had no success. Patterson adds his fellow residents have expressed a desire to help the bear, but then they realized that that might not be such a good idea, thinking that the bear might be agitated and aggressive because of the jar stuck on his head.

But that hasn’t stopped them from trying to trap, corral, and tranquilize the bear. Unfortunately, the animal seems to be too elusive for them.

Authorities think that the bear might have had a case of curiosity when he spotted the jar, which they assume was left around carelessly by a resident who did a poor job of recycling it.

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