Thunder Bay’s Solar Energy Hopes Just Might Come True

The City of Thunder Bay is gearing up to enter the solar industry with a bang.

Thunder Bay’s city councilors will be making their final decision whether or not to give its approval to Thunder Bay Hydro, making it the sole solar photovoltaic developer to the city. The task of assessing buildings owned by the city has just been accomplished, with insiders saying that the investment could cost around $14 million.

With an alliance between Thunder Bay Hydro and the city shaping up, the Provincial Green Energy Act just might see the fruits of its labor, making Thunder Bay one of the first few regions to enjoy renewable energy investments. As of the moment, the utility company is going over plans to install solar panels on buildings owned by the city.

And yet while this development is certainly exciting, Thunder Bay residents are advised not to get their hopes up if they think the project will have a profound effect on the city’s energy savings. All the power the solar panels produce will go to the city’s main power grid, bolstering Thunder Bay’s supply of energy.

Officials say that it’s too early to come up with any financial figures that might come as a result of the project.

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