Thunder Art Bay Gallery Exhibits Show Mixture of Bright, Light and Dark.

Much like what you can see in the real world, anyone who visits Thunder Bay Art Gallery can expect to come face to face with brightness, lightness, and darkness—sometimes all at the same time. The gallery’s current exhibits mirror what we perceive in our human, spiritual and natural worlds, at least that’s what many visitors to the gallery feel.

The gallery currently showcases three exhibits created by three talented local artists that are guaranteed to get visitors and viewers thinking about how the light and dark work in their lives.

First up is artist Kasia Piech’s gallery. The ceramics teacher boasts of the largest exhibit in the gallery, and her background in fine art, linguistics and religion clearly reach out to any casual observer. Upon seeing her section of the gallery, visitors are immersed in soft music, the kind that’s heard in the churches of old.

Next is Chris Stones’ Material Memory. His collection of sculptures is a hodgepodge of fierce and soft. His gallery also includes a painting, and some interesting photographs.

Last but not least is Patrick Doyle’s Living in Landscape, a gallery that’s best viewed a few steps back. His is an explosion of vibrant color and panels that remind the viewer of fantasy dream worlds.

The Thunder Bay Art Gallery currently has these exhibits up for display until the 24th of October.

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