Folklore Festival 2011

Folklore Festival Thunder BayTake a Trip Around the World in 48 Hours! The Thunder Bay Multicultural Association will be hosting the annual Folklore Festival at the Fort William Gardens and Curling Club on Saturday April 30th (noon to 11pm) & Sunday May 1st, 2011 (noon to 7pm).

Folklore Festival is a major festival in Thunder Bay. Each year, a combination of volunteers, exhibitors, artists, food booths, and entertainers work together to make it a successful event. The Fort William Gardens is located at 901 Miles Street, Thunder Bay. Tickets are purchased the day of the event and admission cost is as follows: Adults $5.00 Seniors $3.00 (60 years of age and older) Student $3.00 (13-18 years of age or valid student card) Child $1.00.

For more information visit the Folklore Festival official website at:

  • Enrico Calarese

    April 24, 2011, 9:06 pm

    Once again we come to the mostest best Festival and Music weekend our city has. I should like to say to people that do the Festival each year that you work so much hard to make this big time for our city and you represent how all people from many lands come together to show all the good of these lands with dance costumes and food. There is much freindship and welcome feeling herekl and I say Bless to all you peoples that make this for us. The people of Thunder Bay do not sometimes like to feel this is a good city to live but if you come from my land you cannot do this there. So All people come to this Festival I say and join with everyone in friendship, dance, drink, food and as the group is called Multiculture to know all us good peoples too. thank you

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