Styles & Smiles: A tribute to the Society of Excellent Men

ID-100177960Join your community at the the Victorian Inn on Thursday, March 27, from 6-9pm in a fund raiser that benefits theĀ Canadian Mental Health Association and Children’s Centre Foundation. ThisĀ is an opportunity for a fun and unique night out, while honouring Society members and raising awareness about mental health issues in our community.

Styles & Smiles stands out from other events by providing dignity, community and respect for everyone involved, the same hallmarks with which we would like to see people experiencing mental health issues, be treated in the broader community.

This year the evening includes a symposium and luxury raffle, a delicious 5-course dinner, a fashion show, and entertainment by stand up comedian, Pete Zedlacher, who was born and raised in Wawa and is now doing very well on the national and international stage.

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