Winter Park FL’s Phone Book Recycling Campaign

In accordance to Winter Park FL’s drive to go green and to continue the city’s commitment to a resolution that has been enacted in 2008 by the City Commission to make Winter Park an environment friendly local government unit, everyone is now being invited to take part in yet another green effort through the recycling of old and unused phone books.

As part of the program, there are now 3 drop-off spots for phone books that are set to be recycled.  The locations include Winter Park FL’s Parks & Recreation Department which is specifically at the City Hall’s second floor, West Wing. The other two drop-off locations include Stations 61 and 62 of the Winter Park Fire-Rescue Department which is at West Canton Avenue and South Lakemont Avenue respectively.

These phone book drop-off centers have been aimed mainly at those residents who are not part of the city’s curbside service. For the more fortunate parts of the city under this service, residents can recycle their phone books easier through it. Just keep in mind the regular recycling day schedules.

For this project, everyone has the Winter Park Fire-Rescue Department (WPFD) and Keep Winter Park Beautiful (KWPB) to thank for. Happy recycling everyone!

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