Developer Offers to “Prepare” Site for Winter Park Post-Office

If Winter Park, FL, takes one developer’s offer, the city just might have a brand new post office situated near West Lyman Avenue, for the price of $4 million. The development of the site for the office would also give Central Park a chance to expand by as much as 2 acres, essentially meaning that the deal hits two birds with one stone.

Dan Bellows’ proposal—which was put forth only last week—piqued the interest of city officials who had only a few options to choose from when it came to transferring the post office to another location outside the park. If city council agrees to the deal, another proposal will then be sent to the United States Postal Service office for approval.

Even if the city still needs to find additional funding for construction of the post-office building itself, having the site developed beforehand is a significant bonus and something officials are very interested in. So far, Winter Park officials have recorded receiving $280,000 from private donors, and over $1 million from 2007 pledges.

If the U.S. Postal Service gives its stamp of approval, the decision to move forward with the proposed plan lies once again in the hands of Winter Park’s officials. Designs for the project are expected to be finished (if things proceed as planned) by June, while the new post-office is targeted to be completed in May of 2011.

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