Time for Spring Cleanup in Winter Park

It’s time once again for another round of spring cleaning, and the City of Winter Park, Fl,  is encouraging residents to come and join the city’s yearly Spring Cleanup, which takes place during the last week of May, until the beginning of June. Four city quadrants are designated clean up areas, but residents are more than free to clean where they please.

This year’s Spring Cleanup also has a pickup day, allowing residents to discard hard-to-dispose items such as broken appliances, computers and other electronics, broken furniture, and other heavy & bulky objects. All residents have to do to avail of this convenience is to place these items outside the curb at 5 in the evening, the night before the scheduled pickup day in their quadrant.

Remember that hazardous waste will still be collected the regular way, and will not be included in the Spring Cleanup. These items include household chemicals, tires, batteries, paints, propane tanks, and pesticides.

The same goes for yard waste, which will still be collected during regular trash pickup days.

So what’re you waiting for?Free up some space in your home and figure out which items can be given to charity or disposed.



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