Winter Park Hospital Offers Spa Experience to Expecting Mothers

Come Mother’s Day, the Winter Park Memorial Hospital will be unveiling its gift to the city’s moms: a new maternity wing that’s equipped with spa features that give off a relaxing vibe – something which most hospital fail to do these days.

The expanded wing of Dr. P. Phillips Baby Place boasts of free massages for mom, soothing afternoon tea, and a snazzy lounge where delicious smoothies are served. All the rooms in the wing come with a large HDTV, DVD player, and relaxing flameless candles and high-end beauty soaps in the bathroom. Each room also has an iPod dock so pregnant ladies can listen to music while they’re in labor. Whether its nature sounds, rock music, or rhythm and blues, your choice of music is totally up to you.

And if that’s not enough, dads also get to enjoy free massages, or they could just choose to calm their nerves at the lounge. Pregnancies can be tough on dads too you know.

Expecting mothers first get a tour of the facility when they’re 28 weeks pregnant. They get to see the amenities, check out the services, and get a feel for the place that’ll be they’re home for a few days come the Big Day.

With hospitals all over the country competing for maternity patients, it’s good to know that the City of Winter Park, Florida, isn’t about to be left behind.


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