City of Winter Park’s Central Park Finally Opens

To celebrate the completion of renovations to the City of Winter Park’s crown jewel, Central Park, the City will be hosting a Grand Opening Ceremony on the 20th of October at 9 in the morning to mark this momentous and long awaited occasion. The two-phase renovation process was first completed in July this year, with phase II finished earlier this month, just in the nick of time for the annual Winter Park Autumn Art Festival.

As a way of celebrating the Grand Opening, the Winter Park Public Art Advisory Board will also unveil their latest exhibition, “Art on the Green,” which will showcase the works of Chris Scala and Barbara Sorensen.

But it’s Central Park that’s really the star of the show. The park has always been one of Winter Park’s most special tourist spots, a place where everyone can come together to have fun, to reflect or simply to enjoy the warmth of the sun.

Renovations to Central Park include the improvement and addition of a new electrical system, light posts, sod, landscaping, wider sidewalks and a new irrigation system that uses water more efficiently. The renovations were made as part of the Central Park Master Plan, a proposal first accepted by Winter Park in 2002.

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