Crealdé School of Art September Events

The Crealdé School of Art proudly presents two exhibit events of their students work through their exhibits, The Fellowship of Painting and Drawing, and Art From the Heart of Florida.

The Fellowship of Painting and Drawing

September 6-January 11

Past and present students of the school come together through mentorship, or work study exchange to present their diverse works of art from the painting and drawing department. This exhibit is curated by Vincent Sansone, Cermaics and Sculpture Director; and Rick Lang, Photography Director. The opening reception begins on Friday September 6, 2013 from 7-9pm.


Art From the Heart of Florida

This exhibit begins September 20, 2013 and it has two venues, first at the Jenkins Gallery 7-8:30pm, followed by a musical performance and continued reception at the Heritage Center from 8:30-10pm. Inspired by the diversity of talented visual artists who call Central Florida their home, and their work reflects that “Florida state of mind” in their productions. Focus of the show highlights sculpture, paintings, and photography. Curated by Peter Schreyer, Executive Director; and Henry Sinn, Director of Painting and Drawing.


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