Hannibal Square Folk Art and Craft Festival blasted with arts and all about it

The Hannibal Square Folk Art and Craft Festival, once again brought art to the public. Everyone expected an onslaught of arts, music, film fests and theatre events in every corner of the town. Art enthusiasts definitely found everything they needed at the event and even local visitors enjoyed a wonderful day of arts and crafts, and were delighted with all the artistry being offered. There are only two words that mainly highlighted and attracted people to join: Folk Arts – it’s the only event where the best of art can all be found in one place. The amazed crowd saw the talent of self-taught artists and professional artists as well as gathered pieces of art. The event happened at Hannibal Square Heritage Center 642 W New England Ave Winter Park Winter Park, FL last April 16, 2011, and the audience definitely was delighted enough as their hearts were filled with joy.

This year, the folk art and craft festival stepped outdoors and created side-street works of art that surely enchanted audiences of all ages. From kids to those over their 50s, there was absolutely something in store for everyone. Participants witnessed the Porch Dogs and other bands play which provided the soundtrack to a whole day of sharing stories, workshops for children and youth, and fabulous art works from local legends like the Highwaymen and so much more. During the day, the crowd visited the center’s new exhibit “The Art of Uncle Monday and Other Florida Tales” with prints by the late Kitty Kitson Petterson.

The event definitely was a great day of family bonding thru art where great music, striking art pieces and Art Wonders happened simultaneously at the recent annual Hannibal Square Folk Art and Craft Festival.


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