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“Buy a decal, Save a Manatee” in Winter Park, Florida

The people of Winter Park, Florida, are calling out to everyone to join their cause of saving the environment and conserving wildlife. For nearly 2 decades, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission has been helping out in saving the state’s beloved sea cow simply by selling manatee decals. The decals this year, which will be out in July, will be from a high school art student at the Circle Christian School in Winter Park. The 14-year-old, Bekah Scoville, created a portrait of two manatees swimming in water; the beautiful image was made by using pastel blues and greens. The teenager’s amazing work will honor the 20th edition of the manatee decal with the slogan “Support Manatee Conservation”.

The annual decal sale draws in around $70,000, which will go to the Save The Manatees Trust Fund. Bekah Scoville and 53 other pupils from 23 high schools all over Florida joined the 2011-2012 competition to pitch in; you too can help save these gentle animals by purchasing a decal at their local tax collector’s office and following a simple set of guidelines.

Every time you go boating or fishing, always remember to provide a better outlook for manatees. It would be great if you slow down in manatee areas for you to avoid disturbing them. You should also obey posted speed zones. This event will not just be for fun and excitement but also for the betterment of our world. Simple steps can make a great change. This is another great event brought to you by the City of Winter Park, Florida.