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Walking in Winter Park FL

With the relaxing and natural ambiance in Winter Park FL, it is naturally a great place to spend the day walking at your own pace while enjoying the historical sites and sounds. In fact, there might be no better way to enjoy either the sunset or the sunrise in Park Avenue or along the seemingly endless stream of lakes found nowhere else in the country.

Winter Park FL - Park

Winter Park FL is considered to be one of the top spots to visit in the U.S. and walking in such calming atmosphere is one of the reasons for such. With the city government openly supporting the activity as a mode of recreation and transportation, walking in Winter Park FL is guaranteed an experience to write home about.

True to the city government’s pro-pedestrian campaign, they even set-up a Pedestrian & Bicycle Advisory Board composed of resident pedestrians and cyclists to work hand-in-hand with the city hall in making Winter Park FL a better place to walk. And, with the board’s mission “To create and promote a viable and safe pedestrian and bicycle-friendly infrastructure and promote these modes of transportation throughout the city”, anyone wishing to walk their way around Winter Park FL is guaranteed to have a safe and truly memorable experience.