Lanark Highlands Classic Car Show

Come and see classic cars at the Lanark Highlands Classic Car Show on August 3 from 10am-2pm. All the fun will be at Clyde Memorial Park in Lanark. Fun for everyone, so bring the

Perth Festival Challenge

If you have never been to the Perth Festival Challenge, then this is the year you should come! The Festival challenge is a winner takes all, combination of scavenger hunt/treasure hunt and word jumble that bring history to life. You get to tour the historical treasures of Perth and solve

Explore Perth ONTARIO

Perth Ontario is a place where people still stop to say hello. It's rich in art, culture and entertainment. There is beauty found everywhere you look. There is a lot to do and fun for the whole family. Some for the Perth area attractions include: The Perth Fair, The Stewart Park Festival, and The Garlic Festival. Perth is conveniently located an hour outside of Ottawa Ontario and is connected to the Rideau Waterways system through the Tay River. Escape the city and come explore Perth Ontario!

If you have never been to Perth or you are a returning visitor and would like to find out about places to stay, stores to shop at and things to do, visit our Business Directory.