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Drive-In Bingo Night

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Drive-In BINGO is back!!!

Rules of Play

  • Children may attend, but must be 18 years+ to play. Children must remain in vehicle.

  • Players must play BINGO inside their vehicle. No walk ins allowed.

  • Always maintain physical distancing, with those outside your social circle.

  • Masks must be worn outside of your vehicle & when interacting with others (for example, when volunteers come to vehicle to verify your BINGO/pay money).

  • Please bring your own snacks and beverages

  • Washrooms are NOT available on the Fairgrounds.

  • Take your garbage home with you.

  • Daubers are available for $2.00

  • Additional Jackpot sheets may be purchased for $1

  • 50/50 tickets are 3 for $5

  • Bring your own board to play on.

  • No person under 18 years is permitted to play.

  • Each player must have a dauber or marker with ink specially designed for paper bingo cards. Volunteers need to easily see your BINGO to verify it.

  • Once a game has begun, no additional game cards may be purchased for that game.

  • When a player gets the required BINGO per the game outline, HONK your horn/FLASH your car lights/make NOISE!

  • Once a player has declared a BINGO, hold your card, while game is checked. The caller will ask three (3) times if there are any additional BINGOs to be declared. There will be no other BINGOs allowed for that game, after the caller has asked three (3) times and then declared the game closed.

  • If BINGO is called by two (2) or more players in any one game, the prize money will be split down to the nearest twenty five cents ($0.25), total prizes to be paid out not to exceed the original amount for that game.

  • All winners must sign for their winnings. Winner cards must be filled out completely with full name, address, and phone number of the winner, printed clearly for winning reporting purposes. No winnings can be awarded without this information.  All information is used only for reporting purposes to AGCO and protected by the Privacy Act.

  • The Perth & District Agricultural Society reserves the right to remove anyone from the property whose behaviour is deemed unacceptable, or disturbing other players.

Date :
August 19 & 26, 2021 from 7 to 9pm

Event location :
Perth, ON

Contact :
Kathryn Jamieson

Phone contact: 613 267-1947