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7 reasons to use a stroller from Magical Stroller Rental instead of renting one directly from Disney


A trip to Disney can be either a blessing or a nightmare for both parents and children. What makes the difference? It’s the choices you make. When managing the different Disney parks, you will see a lot of exhausted parents with children helplessly squirming in the hard plastic rental equipment their parents rented directly from Disney. You don’t want to be one of these parents, do you?


Offer your children a better alternative. Give them the comfort of a top of the line rented stroller and secure countless of memorable stress-free hours spent together with your family in Disney!


Are you still not sure about renting a stroller with Magical Stroller Rental vs. renting one directly from Disney? Here are 7 reasons why Magical Stroller Rental is the better alternative:


  1. Exquisite comfort – unlike the hard plastic rental equipment Disney offers, Magical Stroller Rental offers top of the line equipment for your children. Besides this, it is better looking and better maintained! Disney strollers are made of uncomfortable hard plastic, they don’t recline and you can use them only within the park’s area. Magical Stroller Rental strollers offer comfortably padded seats, they fully recline and you can take them wherever you want during your Disney vacation!
  2. Simple reservation process – all you have to do is make your reservation and then there’s nothing else to worry about!
  3. MaintenanceMagical Stroller Rental always cleans thoroughly their equipment and fully sanitize it after every use. The non-toxic, all natural cleaner on their products guarantees your children a germ-free, dirt-free, and stain-free stroller every time. Once cleaned this way, everything is further treated with steam as well.
  4. Affordable pricingMagical Stroller Rental offers the best value for money when it comes to renting strollers for your Disney vacation.
  5. Rental duration and restrictions – rented strollers from Disney cannot be taken out of the park and have to be returned when you exit the park. Magical Stroller Rental lets you have your stroller for your entire trip. This is a huge plus, especially considering the long walks to and from the different themed parks. This is a great way for families with children to enjoy a stress-free day AND night on their Disney vacation.
  6. Expert tips and guidance – the experienced and helpful staff at Magical Stroller Rental will give you invaluable advice about your Disney trip. From Disney transportation and timing to recommended restaurants and the best way to make reservations, you’ll get the best advice you can!
  7. Delivery and pick up flexibility – with Magical Stroller Rental you can have a different location for the delivery and pick up of your rented strollers. During the rental process you will be asked about drop off and pick up locations, so you shouldn’t worry about this!


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