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Thunder Bay Airport Security Update After the Failed Northwest Airlines Attack

Everyone knows that terrorism almost scored another hit on Christmas Day itself thanks to the efforts of Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, a 24 year old Nigerian man who attempted to use destroy the Detroit bound Northwest Airlines plane he was onboard. For all of us traveling through Thunder Bay airport, these most recent of terror activity will not affect us much in terms of security measures and the overall use of the facility.

In fact, with the event, Thunder Bay airport officials’ only change notice is for those who are bound for the United States. The said the said passengers-to-be will have to adjust to a few more measures that will likely make the flights take around 20 minutes more. Such a delay is a low price to pay for the benefit of added security in these challenging air transportation times according to airport officers.

Another measure to take note for the flights to the US is the fact that carry-on luggage is no longer permitted.

These measures are more likely not to change anytime soon so if you (or someone you know) is planning a trip to the states, spread to word to avoid being surprised.