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Cutting Cost and the Extra Holiday Pounds

Thunder Bay’s public dietician, Kim McGibbon has a few words for the locals to cut not just the costs of spending in the coming holidays, but even the pounds that normally comes along the break.

Stats show that a family composed of a 3 members living in our city needs around $700 a month to be able to eat well. However, with the holidays closing in on us, this budget might get its share of strain since families have to spend on presents for their love ones as well.

With this in mind, McGibbon stresses out that one of the things to keep things under control is to plan ahead and literally make lists – although staying on the lists when at the grocery is another issue altogether. Keeping away from the habit of last minute shopping can also help in keeping costs at bay as well since it makes it easier to stay on your list and prices might not be as expensive as they are when the last few days before Christmas comes due.

Before closing out, we should also keep in mind that going healthy with vegetables and cooking them at home is the key ingredient in stretching your budget and keeping yourself fit while doing so.