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Thunder Bay’s Habitat for Humanity Hosts Celebrity Shoe Sale

The Habitat for Humanity’s most recent fundraising campaign, the Shoes and Champagne Gala Evening auction and sale, looks to be a promising one, with celebrities and other famous figures pitching in and donating their footwear for the cause. Golfer Michael Weir and pop artist Jessica Simpson are among those who are pitching in.

Jordan Staal, who hails from Thunder Bay, also donated a pair of skating shoes, while Kim Kardashian was also confirmed to be lending a helping hand. Knowing the socialite’s love for fashion, organizers feel her help will definitely go a long way.

Diane Mitchell, Habitat for Humanity’s Thunder Bay CEO, hopes that these celebrity items will attract attention and raise awareness on the Habitat’s mission. The pairs of shoes will be auctioned off on the 6th of October, with proceeds of the event to be used for the construction of homes for less fortunate families in the City of Thunder Bay.

Mitchell pointed out that the organization was fortunate to have an easy time getting shoes from celebrities. Apparently, Habitat for Humanity’s cause immediately piqued the attention of numerous famous figures.

Tickets for the auction are now on sale and are priced at $40.00 each.

Thunder Bay’s Habitat for Humanity Needs Push

Habitat for Humanity is in a major bind this year, and needs one last push to make it to its goal.

The charitable group, which has provided help to the community by constructing homes for less fortunate families in the City of Thunder Bay, as well as other parts around the globe, is short of its goal of selling 12,000 tickets for its yearly $100,000 cash lottery fundraiser. This development has caused some worry for Habitat for Humanity’s regional CEO.

According to Diane Mitchell, they still have to break even. If they can’t make the 12,000-ticket goal, then the number of houses they can build this year will also be affected. The need to build homes has never been more important than now, she added. She points out that Thunder Bay has a long waiting list of families that needs homes from Habitat for Humanity.

But as other charitable groups in Thunder Bay have learned, the city’s residents have a tendency of pitching in at the last minute. Mitchell hopes that the same thing happens for her organization’s cause

If you want to help them out, you can score your tickets at Habitat for Humanity’s head office for only $20 apiece.

The Best Christmas Gift in Thunder Bay

What could be better than receiving a house for your Christmas? Probably receiving an even bigger house right? Well, if you ask the Eh’s of Thunder Bay, nothing will ever top the brand new house they have received from Habitat for Humanity as a gift for Christmas.

Their new 1,100 square feet home will be the new dwelling place to run up and about with for their 3 year old son, Alex, by the time they get to move in to the said house that is known to others as “the house that radio built”. Why the monicker, you might ask? It’s mainly because the major sponsors behind the Habitat for Humanity movement in Thunder Bay are two businesses coming from the media sector namely; Dougall Media and Newcap Radio.

Although the family can’t move in until the following year, their celebration have been started last Thursday as a simply turn-over ceremony was held to signify the giving of the keys of the house to the lucky family. It was even serenaded rightfully with the song “I’ll Be Home for Christmas” by a choir from McKellar Park Central School making the celebration a tearful moment for the Eh’s and their love ones.