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Kennel Cough Outbreak in Thunder Bay

Aspiring dog owners in the Thunder Bay area looking to bring home a puppy or dog will have to put their desire to have a new buddy on hold as a wave of kennel cough has recently struck the city on a surprisingly high level. And while kennel cough isn’t as deadly as other canine illnesses such as Parvo or canine distemper, the outbreak has forced the Thunder Bay District Humane Society to place restrictions on most—if not all—of their services.

According to Deb Cooper, executive director of the Humane Society, the dogs inside the shelter are on lockdown – meaning that they’re not taking in and letting any dogs out.

Unless it’s a serious emergency, he said, dog owners will have to wait until the kennel cough outbreak is over if they want to bring their dogs to the humane society. As of today, 10 dogs inside the shelter are being treated for kennel cough, a canine disease that’s very contagious, with symptoms very similar to those of the common cold in humans.

Cooper advises owners with dogs that exhibit symptoms like dry cough and lethargy to take their pets to the veterinarian immediately to be treated. Until the outbreak is over, he said, it would be wise to stay away from public areas like parks.