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Thunder Bay Anglers Have More Reasons to Celebrate

Thanks to the efforts of the Thunder Bay Ministry of Natural Resources, anglers now have 3 more reasons to go on celebrating during the holidays. The fishing regulation changes will directly affect 2 fish species along with all the other fishes that are in the area of Zone 6 fishing grounds.

The most significant change goes to the lake trout in the said zone when Londa Mortsen, the Ministry of Natural Resources’ planning and information management supervisor for Thunder Bay, said that the fishing season for the mentioned specie has now been extended a full month.

With this change, anglers in Zone 6 will now have 4 more weeks to enjoy fishing on the winter season starting on the 1st of February up until the 31st of March 2010.

Another fish variety affected by the recent change in regulations is our small mouth bass. Anglers will now be able to fish for the said specie all year long as long as they limit their catch to 4 fishes.

For the 3rd regulation change, the ministry has now partly removed the former size limit of 70-90cm for all fish varieties in Zone 6. With the partial removal, anglers are now allowed to take home 1 fish variety with the size going beyond 70 cm.