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Perth and Lanark Gun, Hunting & Sportsman Show gets bigger every year

Hunting enthusiasts came together at the 2011 annual Perth and Lanark Gun, Hunting & Sportsman Show. All hunters who were looking forward to stocking up for the coming season, or looking for the perfect place to buy or sell new gears, tools or equipment were thoroughly satisfied at this year’s gun, hunting and sportsman show. It was the ideal place to look for everything related to hunting. All attendees at the event expected to find everything and anything they’ll need for the hunting season all under one roof, and that’s exactly what they got. From a variety of firearms, archery equipment, and ammunition and even all sorts of clothing and accessories, vendors and experts from different places came together to offer everything they were looking for.

Visitors of the ever growing event also expected to see a vast variety of military items such as knives, gun parts, archery gear, fishing tackle and equipments, antique firearms for display, hunting accessories and other collectibles. Visitors got it all since it was the ultimate one stop place for all their hunting needs. Not only that, the event also exhibited several unique items like antique firearms, ammunition, and more for the pleasure of visitors. Hunting enthusiasts was absolutely hyped and delighted.

This year, the Perth and Lanark Gun, Hunting and Sportsman Show was on the 16th and 17th of April, 2011 at the Lanark Community Center. The event gets bigger and bigger every year. The event became open to the public at 9 in the morning straight through 4 in the afternoon last Saturday, and until 3 in the afternoon the following day. Tickets were sold at only $6. The event became the shelter of all things related to hunting. Everyone had so much fun at the Perth and Lanark Gun, Hunting & Sportsman Show.