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Perth Kilt Run 2020 and 2021


The 11th & 12th Perth’s World Record Kilt Run!

New Start/Finish Area: The Castle will be at Perth’s Last Duel Park.
The Record: We are still the official Guinness World Record holder (3,670!)
Kilt Orders: Sorry, but we are not able to continue our own kilt supply option. Most of you will have run before (thank you!) and have a kilt. Here is one option for a cheap but pretty good Kilt to obtain on your own – if needed Click Here – Cheap Kilt Option
New: You can now run both the Royal Mile, and then the 5 Mile! (choose One + Five Combo) – Saturday only.
New: Half Marathon (!) Yes, Sunday mornings “2021” Kilt Run, will include ” The Half Kilter” .. a 21K run in 2021!

NEW: VIRTUAL KILT RUN (Open June 15-July 5, 2020)

IF you are registered for the 2020 regular race (before July 4,2020) … you can enter also the Virtual Kilt Run Link to submit results to Virtual Race


Date :
Saturday, June 26, 2020
Sunday, June 27, 2020

Event location :
Last Duel Park, Craig Street,
Perth, ON, Canada

Contact :
Phone: +1 613-264-6123