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Hands ‘N’ Soul: Body Spirit Wellness


A professional counsellor with a Masters degree in Counselling from Yorkville University, a BA in Psychology and an Early Childhood Education Diploma, Beverley Gail Rice’s mission is “to enable healing and reclamation of the human spirit through discovery and compassion!”

With over 20 years experience working with children and adults of special needs, she is highly motivated to help others. She has been on a long path of inner healing and personal growth and this journey has helped her master the art of healing through dream work, imagery and personal reclamation. She always goes inside first to seek answers. “Going inside,” she says, “calming the mind and surrendering in trust to a higher power is what helps me most in my work and in life.”

In her Hands ‘N’ Soul practice you can take care of your body and spirit wellness by availing of the following services:

massageKripalu Massage

Like Kripalu Yoga, Kripalu Massage is the massage of compassion. Trained at Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health’s former massage school which was approved by the US National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork, she uses many different modalities for your total comfort and bliss. Kripalu Bodywork was described by the Kripalu School of Massage as “taking the technical skills and strokes of massage and transforming them into a sacred experience of intuitive healing touch.”




Reiki is an ancient Tibetan technique, later brought to Japan, for restoring the body’s natural energy and self healing abilities by a gentle placing of hands on or near the energy path ways. For relaxation, rebalancing and re-energizing many people enjoy just one Reiki session from time to time. For a specific health issue three or four sessions in a row close together are usually recommended, ideally for four days in a row. Thereafter, Reiki should continue until the health issue has been resolved.


sandplay therapySandplay therapy

People find meaning and answers to their lives by intuitively making physical representations of their conflicts and traumas and using universal symbols to transform them. Touching dry sand often connects people to soothing, calming mother earth energy and early memories. Working with wet sand may be associated with creation and uncovering things long buried. Water also helps the healing process. Over time, new insights and inner resources are found as the true self and psyche speak, confidence increases and a new ability is formed to be and create in the world with more empowerment.