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Gananoque Election Gets Third Candidate

Gananoque’s elections are getting pretty exciting, and with the addition of a third candidate running for councilor, it looks like things are going to get even more tense.

Joe Jansen recently threw his hat in the ring and announced his candidacy for Gananoque Town Council. The 48-year old said that his desire to be in public service was first sparked when a subdivision near his neighborhood was proposed. After working together with a group of residents who took their concerns and questions to council, Jensen admits that the process piqued his interest.

It was during that time, he said, that his interest to work for the town was really developed. He’s done other similar work shortly afterwards, including a stint with town planner Brenda Guy. The two worked on a couple of projects, such as the installment of a new sign at Dreams in Motion Performing Arts School.

Aside from working in the development and planning sector, Jansen works at the Portsmouth Community Correctional Center as a parole officer, and has also been a hostage negotiator at one point. However, it’s with the youth that Jansen places his real interest in. He points out that the only way the town can flourish in the future is if council pays attention to its youth.