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Local Farms Open their Doors to the Public

Are you looking to show your family and kids what real and clean food is all about? Or are you perhaps on the prowl for a trusted farmer who can regularly provide you with local produce?

You can do all that and more at the National Farmers Union Open Farms, a regional event that celebrates the bounty of local food at the peak of harvest season. The event takes place on the 19th of September, from 10 in the morning to 4 in the afternoon. Participants at the first-time event will be treated to a tour of over 30 farms scattered throughout numerous location, including here in our very own Gananoque.

Event organizer Sharon Freeman, who also owns Freedom Farm in Battersea, comments that participating farms have a chance to show off what they have and put a face on their food, whether its homegrown herbs and spices, vegetables, milk, meats, or eggs.

Freeman also shares that the event is a mini-version of Open Sunday, a huge tour in England that showcases the food of over 100 farms, all of whom have their doors open to the public. With the success of Open Sunday, Freeman hopes the response here will be enthusiastic.